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Welcome To Pramode's Home

About Myself

I have been teaching GNU/Linux and Computer Science since 1997. I have taught classes on Basic Algorithms and Data Structures, The Unix Philosophy, Elementary/Intermediate level GNU/Linux Systems Programming (including basic kernel hacking, device drivers), Microprocessors and Microcontrollers (PIC, Atmel AVR, StrongARM), Compiler Tools (LeX, Yacc), PC Interfacing, The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Scheme and Lisp), Python, Logic Programming with Prolog, Lego Robotics and x86/ARM assembly language programming. My current interest is in Linux for Real Time Systems (specifically RTAI).

How I Can Help You

If you are a development firm with training requirements in the field of GNU/Linux systems programming, I offer quality on site service at attractive rates.

If you are a training establishment interested in developing GNU/Linux courseware, I will be able to mentor you and provide training to your faculty.

If you are a group of students (minimum 10 people), I may be able to provide training at your Instituition.

Please contact me at with your requirements.

My Linux Docs

  Updated 23 Oct 2003